Dental & Vision Care


California Credit Union League Dental & Vision CareWe are pleased to introduce the NEW "Member Select" Cigna Dental options and VSP Vision Care plan in cooperation with the California Credit Union League. They are designed for both employed and retired credit union members who do not have access to employer group plans.

The plan options are:

1.  CIGNA Dental Preferred Provider Option (PPO)

With Cigna Dental PPO coverage, maximum benefits are achieved when using dentists who have agreed to Cigna's lower charge schedule. It is very possible that your members' dentists are Cigna PPO dentists since over 53,000 dentists, nationwide, are in this network. However, even if members' dentists are not in this network, they will still receive coverage on an out-of-network basis. This new plan option is available nationwide and no waiting periods for coverage apply.

2. CIGNA Dental (HMO)

This low cost managed dental care option requires enrollees to select a dental office in the Cigna Dental HMO network. There is no coverage maximum and fixed co-payments are charged for dental services provided. Coverage is available in most states.

3. Vision Service Plan (VSP)

This Vision Care option provides maximum benefits when enrollees visit one of the 24,000 VSP network doctors nationwide. However, out-of-network benefits at reduced levels are available. Coverage is available nationwide.

Members interested in receiving a "Member Select" enrollment kit should call toll free at 1-888-293-4903. This kit provides all details of plan options and rates, enrollment forms, and a directory of Cigna Dental HMO network dental offices.

This program takes advantage of our ability to leverage credit unions collective purchasing power to obtain better dental and vision care coverage and rates than members might arrange individually.

Please call the toll-free number now to obtain a "Member Select" kit introducing this member benefit.


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