Debit & Credit Cards

MasterCard Debit Card

This card can be used anywhere the MasterCard logo is accepted with the benefit usage as a credit card. The only difference is the money is taken directly out of your checking account. You are also allowed four ATM cash withdrawals a month at no charge. All points of sale transactions are free.

Visa Credit Cards

This card is accepted world wide. Line of credit available from $500 to $10,000 dollars. No annual fee. Rate are from 9.0% to 11.9%.

Visa Gold

Our VISA Gold card now also has a picture of the Huntington Beach Pier on it. The interest rate for this card is 11.9%. Also has no fee for cash advances. Call us today for approval.

Visa Platinum

Our Platinum VISA Card is our most elite card for our valued customers. This card has a low interest rate of 9.0%. There is no fee for cash advances. The application is quick and easy.

Apply for a Visa Card