Important Protocols for Grand Reopening on JUNE 22, 2020 – WELCOME BACK!

While Use of our convenient electronic services continues to be the #1 choice of members, we are excited to welcome you back in to our lobby and wanted to make you aware of the following protocols that have been put in place:

  • Check-in at the desk on the FIRST floor of Huntington Beach City Hall is required
  • A concierge will take your forehead temperature
  • Please ensure you have a face covering (mask) as it will be required for entry into the building
  • A stick on badge will be issued with the floor level to be visited (the credit union is located on the lower level or LL)
  • Guidance will be given to take the elevator to the lower level and check in with the concierge
  • The concierge on the lower level will direct you to either enter the credit union, wait directly outside where indicated by social distancing floor markings or have a seat at the tables and chairs provided
  • Two (2) members are allowed in the credit union lobby at a time (no group entrances)
  • Please call to set up an appointment for visits to our loan department or for notary services
  • Appointments for more lengthy, complex transactions such as opening a new account are encouraged

Acrylic germ shields have been installed for your protection and hand sanitizer will be available for your use. Here are a few resources to review and stay current on latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) news: