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Member Spotlight - May 2018

What you can do to protect yourself

  1. Unless absolutely required for a legitimate business purpose, avoid giving out your:

    • Address and ZIP code

    • Phone number

    • Date of birth

    • Social Security number

    • Credit Card or account number

    • Card expiration date

    Your PIN is private; never give it out

  2. In stores and at ATMs, always cover your card and PIN, and watch for:

    • Cell phone cameras, mirrors, other tools used to view cards and PINs

    • People watching your transactions

    • Cashiers taking your card out of sight; take it to the register yourself

    • Anything odd at ATMs; if something seems “funny,” go to another ATM

  3. Online, you should never respond to:

    • E-mails asking to verify your card or account number; such emails are not sent by legitimate businesses.

    • Unsolicited email links to websites; such sites can look legitimate but may collect data or put spyware on your computer.

    For more on fraud, visit www.ftc.gov (the U.S. Federal Trade Commission) or other legitimate websites.


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